Krewe du Kanaval announces 2019 dates!
Check out the 2018 recap video below...

Raise your spirit and cup high...
celebrate with us the second Krewe du Kanaval on 
Friday, February 22nd and Saturday, 23rd 2019!
More news and details coming soon...

To our mothers and fathers
Sisters and brothers
Aunts and uncles
Daughters and sons

This is a summons
This is a call
This is our song
This is our prayer

Krewe du Kanaval


Kanaval is a community
Kanaval is a movement
Kanaval is the spirit of
all who’ve come before
and all who will come after

Kanaval is the rhythm of Africa
The spirit of Haiti
The song of the Caribbean
The heart of New Orleans

Kanaval is a celebration
Kanaval is church
Kanaval is our commitment
Kanaval is our responsibility
Kanaval is a show of solidarity
L'Union fait la force!

We will dance
We will play
We will pray
We will continue to make the world
a better place for all